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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dealing with Infertility and feeling Alone?

Since I started sharing my Infertility story last week I have met so many wonderful women. Not only thru Pinterest where I have an Infertility board, but also on the page I have created on Facebook. These women have all been saying to me that they feel alone. And I have agreed with them that I have felt the same sometimes on a daily basis. Yes we all have our husbands and family members to support us, but unless you have someone else around who is dealing with the same it is very lonely.
My husband and I were diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility. So we are not sure if it is something wrong with both of us or just me. In saying this when you feel like all of this is your fault and your partner is fine the feeling of loneliness can become greater. You start to feel that the one person who is also suffering doesn’t understand either.
I felt alone for sometime as my husband and I kept our Infertility private for quite awhile. Last year was our first year of dealing with IF and I was embrassed to say stuff to people. Didn’t want pity stares or people to feel they had to say something and most of the time that something was the complete wrong thing.
This year we have finally started being more vocal about what we are dealing with and at times it can be a good or bad thing. I will be honest I feel like I have gone thru more alone times since I did start talking about it. I think it is mostly due to the fact that people try to say things to be comforting or you voice your opinion and they become ignorant. In the last few weeks however since I shared my story on facebook and created a page I have met some truly amazing women and I also have a few friends that have shared their story with me that I would have never known otherwise.
In summing this all up and to make my point. Anyone out there dealing with Infertility you are Not Alone! I would strongly encourage you to make your voice heard and share your story. You just never know who else out there is dealing with the same. 

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