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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Welcome to my Blog! :)

A Little about myself.
My husband and I have been TTC for almost 2 yrs and we were just recently told by the doctor that he doesn’t know what the problem is. Basically unexplained infertility as he calls it. I do have a medical condition called MTHFR and I am on medication for it and the doc said it wasn’t a big deal since they found it in time. He is the 3rd specialist we have seen. I saw one Fertility specialist in the beginning, she was so cold and unfeeling. Very sad for the field she is in. My husband saw a Sexual Health Urologist and now we are on doctor #3. Its so frustrating.
Our insurance money has just ran out and now we are back to square one. Treatments and daily doctor visits are so expensive. Treatments range anywhere from $800 a cycle to $10,000 to $15,000 and doc visits are now $325 per visit. We were lucky for our insurance to cover the diagnostic process and testing, but where do we go from here? Anyone else dealing with the same issue.
I am new to all of this. Our first year of trying I was charting my ovulation and temperature and such, always thought the baby thing would happen on its own without any help. Now we are not so sure. Never thought I would be researching infertility and on the emotional roller coaster I have been on especially the last few months.
This is a very hard road to travel. My husband and I have been a support for each other. I won’t lie it has wore us thin a few times and my emotions and anger have been taken out on him. but our relationship is getting stronger thru all of this. My support system in the way of family friends that I have around me are great, but they don’t always understand. I feel like I am alone in this a lot of times with no one to talk to who can sympathize. All of our friends that got married around the same time as us are starting families and here me and my husband sit on the outside looking in.
I have lost some friends thru all of this. It is very upsetting, because I already feel alone and different from so many other women and then to lose friends is even harder. But I keep telling myself that if they couldn’t be by myside in one of the lowest points in my life and support me, then they weren’t true friends in the first place. A quote comes to mind “If you can’t handle me at my worst, than you don’t deserve me at my best.” Very well said I think. 
Well I think that is all for today. 
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