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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Posting some Funnies! :) Need a laugh today.

*** Fertility Tip: Don't have an emotional breakdown about infertility at your workplace. You never know when you're going to be on an episode of Undercover Boss. (Courtesy of 999 Reason to Laugh at Infertility)

*** A burglar was working his was thru a house using a small flashlight when a voice from a corner of the room said, “Jesus is watching you”. He turned is flashlight toward the voice and saw a parrot on a perch. He asked the parrot “ was that you?” The parrot replied “Yes, that was me”. The burglar thought wow a talking parrot, so he asked, “what’s your name?” The parrot replied “my name’s Moses. The burglar blurted out “Moses, who would name a parrot Moses?” and the parrot replied, “the same people that named a rottweiler Jesus”.

Here are just a few! :) Feel free to share your own.
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