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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Its moodswing day! Watch out!

Nothing new going on lately after we decided last month to take a break from doctors and treatments and such. The hubby’s birthday is on Saturday he will be 28 so we will be busy this weekend with that. But otherwise pretty boring.
So on another note…I am ready to go on a crusade of yelling at every pregnant woman I hear complaining about being pregnant. I may have never of been pregnant, but I am sure it is difficult. I realize I may not understand the full extent of what is going on with their hormones and bodies as they don’t understand what it feels like walking the road of IF. But if we can sympathize with them and try to understand, then why can’t they not do the same with us???? Its already hard enough to be surrounded by pregnant women, babies, etc… but then to hear complaining on top of it.
All I keep asking God is why do I have to endure this day in and day out? What lesson is He trying to teach me? Why do I feel like I am being punished? I work with a newly pregnant woman, who yes, has been very sick so I can understand the discomfort, but all she does is complain about it. UGH!!!! She’s upset because this pregnancy is so hard and why can’t it be as easy as her first? She said she wonders why she even decided to have another. The new one this morning was, she is afraid because the child is giving her such a fit now that it will be horrible one its born.
I had to get up from my desk and walk away to get out of ear shot from what I was hearing. Our office is very quiet and she has a big mouth. So if I was to go and say something to her, everyone would know. I honestly don’t know if I can endure another 6 months of this. This person does know that I suffer from Infertility (not by me telling her, but by telling the wrong gossiper). So I sit and wonder…does she not think when she is complaining? Does she not care about who is around and listening, because now she has a reason to get attention. I just don’t understand and its so frustrating, my mood instantly changed when I heard her complaining. I was perfectly fine until it started.
I don’t know what to do or how to overcome these emotions and letting them wreck my whole day. I think a drink or 2 is in store for tonight.

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