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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When will my body start cooperating???

So this week I have been dealing with NO AF. Today is day 6 past due. Went to our RE last week for her to check my progesterone level. That came back super low and she didn’t seemed to be concerned. Basically said I didn’t ovulate last month and if I don’t start in a week call back and she will test to see if I am pregnant. Well in the mean time with all of this I have had CM everyday since last Wed. the 13 and stabbing cramps since then as well. Not right in my opinion something is wrong, this is NOT normal for me. So kicked that RE to the curb. LOL

As of yesterday I visited a New RE…doctor # 5. Yippee Skippie!! Get to explain what we are going thru all over again and tell our story from the beginning. He came highly recommended from the Hubby’s urologist and was very intelligent as I was speaking to him. So here's to hoping he will be the winner and fix the problem.

So the lovely part about all of this is, I should still be on the vitamins for the MTHFR I have, which the other RE told me to stop them. Who are you supposed to believe?? UGH! 

He did say that with my progesterone level as low as it was I didn’t ovulate and he doesn’t know why, but is going to find out. So the other RE was correct on that one. 

I also found out that we haven’t been thru all of the diagnostic testing possible. So at this time he is obtaining our records from all of the other doctors and I go back tomorrow for us to talk about a plan of action from here on out. 

Had another meltdown needless to say. This one was only an hour last night so I took my happy pills which are for emergencies only and went to bed. 

I am a hair away from giving up. We are basically back at square one. I am praying that maybe all of this happened for a reason so the doctor could find out what’s wrong once and for all. Because as of last month we had decided to stop all treatments and such and try on our own  after the old RE couldn’t find anything either. But now with my body and AF not cooperating here we are going thru testing and possible treatment again. 

I did consider using some of my short term leave from work to gain my wits about me and take a mental break. Not sure if the hubby will go for it though. 

August and our Florida vacation cannot come fast enough and will not be long enough. 

Hoping the week turns around…

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